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The testimonials below reflect only some of the people who have chosen to write to us about the relationship they share with Sunvest Property Solutions.

If you know of any more, or if you would like to share your own experience, please send a note to

  • "He is a Gem" - Tina S. - Akron, OH

    “I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet Michael and the Sunvest team. I was under a considerable amount of stress in dealing with the sale of my property by not being local or from the area and they literally handled everything. In retrospect they went above and beyond what I expected…”

  • "Patience and Performance"- Mark & Karen V. - Petaluma, CA

    “We had to do a short sale of our home as we owed too much debt with our loans against it to our lenders. The process took SO LONG and what seemed as forever as the lenders stalled, and stalled, then delayed in giving us a final answer. Sunvest had the patience to hang in there all through those many long months – We are not sure another buyer would have…”

  • "A joy to work with" - Thomas & Kari Phillips - Napa, CA

    “I am very happy with the way the sale of my house was handled; I chose to not use a traditional Realtor and found that it was fast, convenient, and the folks at Sunvest were a joy to work with. They did what they promised…”

  • "Time was of the Essence"- James Colberth – San Rafael, CA

    “We were face with a time deadline to get a neglected family home sold so that we could relocate our ailing grandmother. These folks at Sunvest treated my grandmother and all of the family members involved cordially, respectfully, and with dignity. They were fair and very professional…I’d gladly recommend them to others…”

  • "The Whole Package"- Kathleen L. – Sonoma, CA

  • "Sunvest is the whole package. With their financial knowledge, creative solutions to rehabbing houses and a team of experts behind them, a seller knows they'll be well paid and a buyer buys a fantastic home."
  • "Patient & Persistent"- Kasie Eaton – Granite Bay, CA

  • "Our situation was complex as we were dealing with non agreeable family members and a solar company that was non responsive. Michael was patient yet persistent yet persistent and loyal. We closed and everyone was happy!"

  • "True Professional"- Jason S. – Windsor, CA

  • "We worked with Michael at Sunvest to sell my Fathers house after he passed away. We did a fast "as is" sale. Michael is a true professional! He was responsive, extremely knowledgeable and very easy to work with. He even worked with us to close escrow early."
  • "Exceeded Expectations"- Bari Williams – Sonoma, CA

  • "Working with Sunvest has been such a joy. They are acutely aware of the real estate market and are very easy to work with. Sunvest buys off-market properties, is excellent in working with sellers with challenging circumstances and situations and most importantly their quality of work will exceed your expectations!"

We are experienced real estate investors in Sonoma, California and specialize in off-market properties.

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